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Founded in 1974, UGÉPA is the last French manufacturer of wallpaper. The production site is based in Moreuil in the Somme, 150 km north of Paris.

Our company works with customers of all sizes bringing to each of them quality, flexibility, creativity and export in about sixty countries (70% of export).

With a production capacity of 8 million rolls per year, UGÉPA employs 106 employees including a creative team composed of 9 people anticipating today for you the wall trends of tomorrow.

Flexibility and Competitiveness

Our factory has a varied fleet of 8 machines, including one double width, allowing the production of many qualities of wallpapers: paper, duplex paper, flat vinyl, expanded vinyl or even "scope", expanded crepe, heavy vinyl and aluminium foil..

The versatility of our machines combining gravure and screen printing offers us a multitude of product possibilities on paper or non-woven basis.

High Environmental Quality

UGÉPA participates in the "High Environmental Quality" approach which applies from the manufacture of the paper until its destruction. This concerns the manufacturing processes, energy and transport used in order to make our business the least impactful possible on the environment.

In 2009 UGÉPA set up an incinerator that heats and incinerates at 750°C the fumes released by the manufacturing process.

As part of the control of energy savings we use the air-oil and air-water exchangers of this incinerator to dry our machines and heat our premises.

FSC Label ®

Our quality approach starts with the choice of the best materials. The FSC® Wallpaper Label certifies responsible forest management and helps to combat overexploitation of wood.

UGEPA has been FSC® certified since 2008 under license number C010869.

To download our FSC® certificate : FSC certificate

Water-Based Inks

Since 2000, we have been using water-based inks and have reduced the use solvents by almost 100% in order to protect the health of our technicians and our environment.

UGEPA has been FSC® certified since 2008 under license number C010869.

CE Marking

In accordance with the Construction Product Regulation (CPR), UGÉPA designs and produces its products in such a way as not to compromise the safety of persons, pets and property, and not to harm the environment.

The PRC provides that in order to be able to place a construction product covered by a harmonized standard on the European Union market, the manufacturer must draw up a declaration of performance (DOP) and affix the CE marking to the product in question.

By establishing its declarations of performance and by affixing the CE marking, UGÉPA assumes responsibility for the conformity of its products with the declared performance.

To download our DOPs (french only) :

WPP wallpaper: DOP1 PPP.pdf

EWPP expansed wallpaper: DOP2 PPE.pdf

NW non-woven: DOP3 PPI.pdf

VWPP vinyl wallpaper: DOP4 PPV.pdf

NWV non-woven vinyl: DOP5 PVI.pdf

ENW expansed non-woven: DOP6 PEI.pdf

Emissions of Volatile Pollutants

Since 2012, the labels of products manufactured by UGÉPA and distributed in France, are equipped with a logo indicating their level of emission of volatile pollutants. This emission level is characterized by a class ranging from A+ (very low emissions) to C (high emissions).

All products manufactured by UGÉPA are classified A+.

Waste Recovery From Household Packaging

UGÉPA contributes to the management of waste caused by the packaging of products used by French households, by joining the CITEO program (eco-packaging) under the member number 513111.

Products manufactured by UGEPA and sold to French households bear the logo 'green dot' or 'triman' (for the most recent ones):

The plastic film packaging is to be discarded, the paper label is to be recycled.

Imprim'Luxe Label

UGÉPA is a member of Imprim'Luxe, the association for the promotion of printers towards luxury houses.

Living Heritage Company

Ugépa is one of the French companies EPV.

The label Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant is a recognition of the French state established to distinguish French companies with craftsmanship and industrial excellence.

French companies with the EPV label undertake to maintain their production activity in France while promoting the French identity.

For more informations: https://www.institut-metiersdart.org/epv

Our Clients

French GSS and GSB, French and foreign publishers and importers, French wholesalers, French designers and start-ups...

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